Shanti Group Safe in New Delhi!

Dear Shanti Friends and Family:

The Shanti group has landed safely in Delhi and have settled into their accommodation. It was a long journey, having a brief layover in Hong Kong and a few hours in Singapore. The group is healthy, happy, more than a little tired, and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. The group will begin Orientation activities tomorrow, and will begin exploring the myriad sites, sounds, and smells of New Delhi.

Moving forward, the Shanti group will have the opportunity to update this blog and share their collective and individual stories with you. Be on the lookout for a weekly blog post (though of course be flexible, knowing that internet options vary), and enjoy following along in the upcoming adventures!

Team Shanti: we are all wishing you an experience of growth, adventure, and learning as your traveling community explores the amazing culture and landscape of India!

Namaste, friends.

Team Carpe