Shanti in Sikkim


Overnight trains are almost becoming comfortable — compared to train station floors. 

We left the busy city of Calcutta and looked onwards towards the mountains of Gangtok, Sikkim. After our first jeep ride we were eager to make our way into the nearest cafe to grab pizza, hot dogs, and a cake to celebrate the 19th birthday of our wonderful group mate, Hava. We made our way into our homestay and found out we would be eating a second dinner. We had missed home cooked food since our homestays in Jaipur. 

Our week in Sikkim was filled with volunteer work, gazing out into the endless mountain ranges, and enjoying our playful hosts. We first volunteered at a government operated school where we tried to play duck, duck, goose, and red-red-rover all with minor use of the English language. We then took our Shanti group to a rehab center for men where we got to know the residents and enjoyed singing songs in English and Nepali. It's been the first time since being in India we've been able to look at these vast mountainous landscapes and escape the plains with their never ending busy cities. As we prepare our bodies for the 5 day trek through 35 miles of trails we are about to endure we are thinking positive and excited for the hot shower at the end!




station rooftop