Shanti Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

We started our journey in the market, the first thing we found was food for the other group members for the long train ride. Once we gathered snacks and fed ourselves with some Gongala. We found a convenience store across the street food place that sold toilet paper for 15 rupees. When interacting with the store clerk we noticed he spoke decent English and with the addition of his age Alex decided it would be an interesting interview to conduct. The store clerk had taken ownership of the establishment from his grandfather and explained that it was part of the family business. However, he also explained that his son wasn’t interested in taking responsibility for the store once the time came because his son wanted to do something new/different with his life which I believe is a great example of cultural norms changing in India as the new generations make greater, bolder strides. After the interview we came across our greatest challenge which was finding the internet cafe.

Lucas and Alex

Hey everyone!

This is Lily, Tor and Isabel. We are sitting in an internet area that took us forever to find. India is beautiful, busy and so hot! Tomorrow we are heading to Jaipur early in the morning to begin homestays and internships. Delhi has been so cool, our hostel and the people staying there are so cool! We have to get going to finish our “scavenger hunt” and jump on the metro to go back to the hostel. See ya!

– Lily, Tor, and Isabel