Shanti Spring 2020: Final Blog

Written By Tanya, Will, Jahmeil, and Grace

It is with sadness and hope in our hearts that we write this final blog. We feel no need to pull punches: we are nothing short of devastated to be saying goodbye so quickly and abruptly to our new, bright, nomadic little family.

Just a few short days ago we were alerted to the true panic of the worldwide Corona Virus (gotta remember that we didn’t have a constant source of news!) and alerted to the possibility to the program ending early. Mimicking the shocking pace of events that is occurring around the globe, the short span between a possible ending, and being already on a plane bound for the USA was truly jarring. Though a somber, somewhat scary notion, the reality was understandable: it was time to return home to our families, to the safety of the US, and a certain extent: to the uncertainty that awaits us all in these weeks and months to come.

We completed but a portion of our grand adventure, but what an adventure it was. From starting to get to know each other and experiencing what can only be described as a complete shock of indian culture in Cochi Kerala, we continued into our crazy beautiful trek in the mountains of the Munnar region of Tamil Nadu. We challenged our way of living and learned about veganism in the small community of Sadhana forest, followed by being welcomed wholeheartedly to the amazing Proto Village in Andra Pradesh. We laughed, in the end, we cried, we experienced the intense joy trademark of indian locals, as well as getting a taste of the hardships of those same locals living their day to day lives.

We wish everyone luck as we separate from our little nomadic family. Truly the memories we shared, though cut short, will last us a lifetime. We encourage each and every one of our fellow students to continue to push their comfort zones. To learn, to grow, to continue to question that which they see, and to continue to be positive and grateful – especially in these months to come – and for the rest of their lives!

Seezay the journay

Tanya, Will, Jahmeil, and Grace