Shiva group farewell

Shiva group Fall 2014 has safely made it to the airport and are boarding their plane. After some time travel and many miles they will be back home. It’s hard to believe that 12 weeks have past already, it feels like yesterday we were all meeting and playing games and naming our pinkies at SFO.
We spent our last day together relaxing in Delhi and all enjoyed one last Bollywood film together before our big group dinner where we also celebrated Mr Jordan’s birthday. Ask them to show you some dance moves.
It’s always hard trying to sum up transforming experiences in only a few words and it’s even harder to express how places and people impact your life. So I’ll just say Jeremy and I have had an amazing time living, learning, growing, exploring and dancing through India with this beautiful group of travelers.
We will miss you all dearly and thank you all so much!! And a big thanks to the friends and families of Carpe Diem we could not have done it without you.