Silent Rickshaw Rides

By Jake, Harrison, and Isabel

Since arriving in Delhi, our group of 10 has already piled into rickshaws plenty of times to get from one place to the next. We’re a fun, loud, and silly group, but we never seem to talk much when riding in rickshaws. Maybe it’s because we have no idea if the driver will take us to the right place, or if we will get there all in one piece. But maybe it’s because there’s nothing much to say—all we can do is sit there and observe everything we’re seeing.

There is so much to see in India. Something is happening everywhere you look, whether it’s a man trying to sell you spices, a rickshaw driver wanting to graciously transport you to your destination, or monkeys swinging from broken wires overhead. India is a place where things are constantly happening, and they don’t stop.

Every student in the Shanti group can agree that we’ve never experienced such chaos before, and all we can do in these first days is simply observe and absorb it all.

Anyway, it’s time for us to go flag down another rickshaw back to our hostel. Wish us luck!

Namaste from the Laxmi team.