Six-Day Adventure in the Australian Outback

By Kobbe

Hey family and friends!

After two amazing days in Sydney, the time had finally come for our six-day adventure in the Australian Outback. We arrived in Uluru after a three hour flight and met our GUYde who is a really cool guy named…Guy. He immediately took us into the wilderness and showed us around. Collecting firewood, singing songs around the bonfire, hiking under the Australian sun, stargazing, driving, learning about the Aboriginal culture, and sleeping under the stars was a daily business. Every day we drove for roughly three to four hours, sometimes on highways, sometimes on bumpy dirt roads. But luckily Guy is a skilled driver: “Don’t be scared if I drive fast on the dirt roads. It might look like I’ve lost control, but I know what I’m doing. Most of the time…”

We helped Guy out with preparing dinner for ourselves, which varied from pasta with kangaroo bolognese sauce to delicious fried rice with chicken and veggies.

We conquered heart attack hill in the Kings Canyon, relaxed in the Garden of Eden, learned about Aboriginal survival skills, hiked through Kata Tjuta, and walked around Ayers Rock, all with high spirits despite the heat. As Peter said: “It’s like a desert out here!”

At night, we slept in tents or swags, a one-person cocoon invented by Australian truck drivers. In the morning, we were woken up by music that resembled lullabies or hard rock at 5 am, if the sun didn’t wake us up first.

We’re sad to be leaving the Outback tomorrow, but we’re excited for Daintree Rainforest.

We miss you!