We spent the past week at the Special Needs Education Center (SNEC) up in the hills outside of Kabale, Uganda. The center is home to primary school-aged children with physical and mental disabilities and is one of the only institutions of its kind in the country. Each day we would split up and half of our group would go hangout with the kids either in the classroom or outside playing soccer and tag. They loved drawing and painting in class, especially when we would draw pictures of them; some even drew us (adorable if not accurate!) The other half of our group would go work on the construction of a carpentry workshop which the Nkula group started and worked on earlier this fall. A lot of the kids are interested in learning carpentry, and hopefully they’ll be able to use their workshop to do so! Our whole group lived together for the week in SNEC’s volunteer housing and cooked for ourselves which meant really delicious food and group dinners. Unfortunately, four of our group members were sick for part of our time there but on our final day, when everyone was feeling better, we all spent the whole afternoon playing and dancing outside with all of the kids. We already miss all of our new friends! Mwebale, SNEC! Thank you!!