So Long, South Pacific

Wow who knew 3 months could be filled with so many memories. We will never forget all the campfire sing alongs, the rain in bark bay, or games of patterns filled with laughter. It was a beautiful ride filled with more lessons than we can count. From experiencing a remote village in Fiji, to learning how to milk a cow, and even getting certified to dive. We experienced all we could and truly seized the journey. It would take years to convey all the knowledge we obtained on our trip, so in order to consolidate here is a list of the 26 things we learned while with Carpe Diem.

A – Australia has every dangerous animal imaginable.
B – Be a conscious traveller.
C – Challenges help us grow as individuals.
D – Drive on the left side of the road.
E – Expedition mentality.
F – Farming can be unsustainable.
G – Giving back to our hosts is powerful.
H – Hostels are a cheap way to travel.
I – Internet labs replaced our need for a phone.
J – Justice is needed for indigenous cultures.
K – Killing spiders may be satisfying in the moment but the march flies will come for you.
L – Live in the moment.
M – March flies are worse than mosquitos.
N – Nakuku village is where the happiest people live.
O – Oranges become expensive when you take them through customs.
P – Permaculture is the most regenerative way to live.
Q – Quality of life isn’t determined by wealth.
R – Rainforests are a retreat from the heat.
S – SCUBA diving opens career opportunities.
T – The Great Barrier Reef is recovering from coral bleaching.
U – Under the stars there’s a world to explore.
V – Volunteering is a good way to make connections.
W – Wallabies will cuddle if you let them.
X – X-rays may or may not show broken bones.
Y – You are never done learning even when you think you know enough.
Z – Zoos are the worst way to explore wildlife when you can just go outside.

Sitting in the New Zealand airport waiting to board our final flight to LA, I am overcome with joy. We couldn’t have asked for a better group this semester. All of you worked so hard and you put yourselves into your growth zones. You arrived to us eager for opportunities that would change you lives forever. We got to experience festivals and shows that no other group has ever experienced before. We connected with contacts who enlightened our ways of thinking and showed up so much patience and empathy in the process. So Alec, Hunter, Jackson, Lily, Lottie, Nicole, Noah, Rasheed, Sierra, Sophie, Toren and Trish thank you so much for a magical 3 months and all that you taught us along the way. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know each and everyone of you. You are all so special and have powerful Mana. This is going to need each and everyone of you. So as we say goodbye just remember to lean into the discomfort, leave it better than you found it, show gratitude to the people you care for, and as always Mā Te Wā!

We love you all,
Sarah and Nathan

Our final night “thrift your friends a $10 outfit” challenge.