This week we went tramping up Karioi mountain. When we reached an hour in, our leaders told us to all spread out and we were going to take 15 minutes to sit by ourselves, reflect, and just have some solo time. Living with a group, it’s hard to find some time to yourself and when I finally had it, it was so peaceful. I decided to take the time to write in my journal and try to describe the beauty I was surrounded by.

“Sept. 29: Speechless
This is the most incredible view I have ever seen. The blues, the greens, the yellows, the browns, the whites. The turquoise water shapes the coast that these mountains climb. The clouds slowly float, silently making their in directed way. The birds call out to the beauty around them. And me, I just sit here on this rock. This rock covered with moss, long leaved plants, and random pebbles. My feet rest on the curves and sharp steepness this rock has molded into. A peak on the mountain. One of many. And I am on top. The only thing around me are colors and contrasts and complete stillness. It’s so still that my body is paralyzed from lack of reaction and my mind can finally relax. This is a rare moment. A moment when you look around and nothing moves. Everything remains in its place, gently, peacefully, and perfectly.”


-Jessie H