Staying in NhaTrang, Snorkeling

Written By Annie

When you think of the word snorkeling what comes in mind? Well here is a brief explanation on what I’ve discovered about snorkeling. Snorkeling is the ability to float under water with a diving mask equipped with a breathing tool. I am not an expert in snorkeling, but being able to get out in the ocean was a shock to me because I am not an expert at swimming and I didn’t want to drown. I am proud that I went out and that I was supported by students in my group and the OE’s to get out of my comfort zone and try it out. I am very happy that I snorkeled because I got to see a lot of fish. For example, when snorkeling I’ve seen a star fish just chilling and mind it’s own business, and I also seen rainbow fish as well. To add on to that, I also saw a trumpet fish, which was a surprise to me because I had no clue they existed in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore, while identifying all of those fish, I felt deeply in love with the ocean and love the fact that I can look at them and not get too close. Additionally, I like that fact that when you snorkel you’re not that close to the bottom of the ocean, but close enough to see the things you want. One thing that stood out to me while snorkeling was being able to work on my breathing skills. I am not that good at holding my breath, but the fact that I was working on it, on my own, helped me to not get water into my diving mask, and tube. Although some water did get in, my instructor taught me how to press down the top ridge of your mask firmly to your forehead while slowly opening the bottom seal and blowing hard through your nose. Then you have to tilt your head back slightly while looking up. I really found that difficult when I did get water in my mask, but by slowly learning and following instructions I was able to make it alive without getting salt in my eyes.

I only went snorkeling twice because it got a little tiring and I wanted to watch the Scuba divers jump into the ocean from the boat. Oh by the way I want to shout out Jackie, Jess, Peter, Eva, and Charlie for being brave and adventurous divers. You guys are really amazing and taught me how to not be afraid of the unknown. To add, they’ve done 2 dives in 1 day which is amazing because the ocean can get hectic.

Well it has been a very nice time Snorkeling, Scuba diving and staying in Nha Trang overall. I’ve enjoyed interacting with the locals and learning how to say certain words with their help. To add, if you love the beach life, and like to go shopping come to Nha Trang. They’ve got a lot of stores that will blow your mind, and places that will have you pick and choose rather if you want to go back to the US. I am so happy that we’ve spent a week in Nha Trang, it has taught me to enjoy every moment that I have in Southeast Asia and to love the fact that others are watching and what you give is what you get. Plus, the food is very good. They know how to throw it down.

Well, Thank you for reading my blog!