Stone Town

By Lia and Cami

After taking a ferry from Dar Es Salaam, we arrived in Stone Town, Zanzibar. The blue beaches, white sand, and labyrinth alleyways immediately drew us in. We had a Sunday to explore the town, getting ice cream and buying more souvenirs at the local shops. We also took a boat to Prison Island where we got to snorkel and see tortoise up to 147 years old!

The rest of our time in Stone Town revolved around our internships; we got to choose between woodcarving, painting, screen printing, spa, and pillowcase making. We learned the secrets of the locals, learning their craft. During our stay, we split up into pairs for our last homestay of the trip. Our families cooked us delicious food with local flare, spiced to perfection.

Monday night, we all headed to the night market and tried Zanzibar soup, Zanzibar pizza, shawarma, falafel, and smoothies… oceanside, of course! The energy was high, and we felt immersed in the culture. The week in Stone Town left us feeling grateful for the memories shared and reflective of our trip as a whole.