Student Directed Travel

Written By Rasheed & Lily

Kia Ora! It’s Rasheed and Lily here and we are extremely excited to update everyone on our upcoming adventure. Since our time in Nakuku village, we have been vigorously planning and brainstorming on potential ideas for our week of student directed travel. During student directed travel, us 12 students have come up with an exhilarating itinerary. We have all put in lots of hard work into finding activities that are suitable for everyone. We will begin our week on Thursday, October 25th, after leaving the Hart farm and heading to Tongariro. We will spend 2 nights there. During our time in Tongariro, we will hike the Tongariro crossing which is an 18 kilometer day hike. After Tongariro, we will move along to our next destination. On the 26th, we will arrive in Rotorua with lots of activities planned. We are scheduled to enjoy the geothermal pools as well as many other exciting activities. In addition to the geothermal pools, we are lined up to go rock climbing and do a Redwood tree walk lit by lanterns at nighttime. On the 28th, we leave to embark on our next journey in Whitianga. Whitianga is known for its lush beaches and sunshine. We are planning on utilizing kayaks and seeing where the wind takes us from there. After our time in Whitianga is up, we will head to Raglan where we will meet Tiaki and continue our journey. Although we are enjoying our time at the Hart farm, the anticipation for student directed travel is continuing to build.