Swahili & Home Stays & Safari

Our time this week was spent in Morogoro with our gracious host families enjoying their hospitality and beautiful homes. We spent the days attending class to learn Swahili and socializing with with our local teachers who had the patience of zen masters. In the evenings we hung out with the students playing sports or relaxing with our families enjoying the comforts of home. Every meal was met with home cooking and plenty of it. On the weekend we journeyed to the Masai cattle market seeing the culture of buying and selling cows that has sustained the Masai tribe’s way of life for centuries. The smell of dead animals and roasting meets filled the air as some of us walked the market in search of the prized pair of tire shoes made from old worn out car tires. Once we realized they were the most uncomfortable things possible they were purchased anyway. Our last night there we prepared food to share with our families to show thanks and feast in their company for one last time. Their kindness and welcoming spirits will not be forgotten.

After departing we set out to the city of Iringa where we prepared for our safari trip in Ruaha national park. In total we spent three days exploring the park and seeing all the amazing iconic animals from lions, giraffes, and elephants all the way to the lilac breasted roller with everything in between. Seeing these animals in their natural habitats was pretty incredible and for many of us a once in a lifetime experience. We say thank you to all our friends and family who have done so much to put us here and provide us with this amazing opportunity.

Photos courtesy of Brooke and Jonathan