Taj Mahal & Jim Corbett Safari

By Benjamin Lenzi


The last blog post is here! It feels not that long ago when we met each other at the San Francisco airport. Many of us in the group have similar feelings that it seems like we have been away for so long but yet so short at the same time.

Last week after a successful student travel we visited Agra to see the Taj Mahal in all its splendor and the Red Fort. The Taj is made completely out of marble and the colors on the building are not painted but gemstones that were implanted after perfectly carved spaces were made. Inside it holds the graves of the king who had it built and his third wife whom it was for. The amazing architectural building took around twenty years to be finished and has a right to be one of the great wonders of the world.

After the sightseeing in Agra, we took a train to go to our Safari adventure at Jim Corbett’s National Wildlife Preserve. We had three outings on the jeeps in different sections of the park and saw many animals including monkeys, white spotted deer, many different kinds of birds including peacocks, but, unfortunately, no tiger action. We had a wonderful Indian buffet during our stay and good entertainment around a campfire watching a short film on Jim Corbett’s life.

This Journey started in Delhi and now we are ending it in Delhi in the same hotel we first arrived at months earlier. All of us are amazed at how fast it all came to end. The eleven of us have gone on a trip together to the other side of the world and back. We have met many different people, tried new and interesting kinds of foods, had many unique experiences both good and bad, and have grown as individuals (whether we all know it or not) over these few months. As we go back to our lives in the states we will carry with us the experiences and memories made in India and I feel that each of us are more equipped than before to go on our next journey. Shanti.