Team Aloha!

Aloha to our Carpe Diem students joining us this Fall 2021 in Hawai’i! This is Rachel and Nathan, your Overseas Educators, and we are so excited to be joining you on the beautiful islands of Maui and the Big Island for the next few months. We are currently in Portland, Oregon, home base of Carpe Diem Education, where we have been training for our upcoming program. We’ve taken a deep dive into our program and we are so excited for everything we are about to experience. After getting the last few details in place, it is starting to feel real! Our bags are packed and we are getting eager to be in Hawai’i with you all soon.

We cant wait to begin fostering connections with you all, to meet our incredible local partners, and to have the chance to explore the beauty of these sacred, magical islands. Hawai’i is such a special place that we feel humbled to have the opportunity to experience it in such a wholesome way. Until then!

Rachel and Nathan