The Alhambra and Starting The Camino

Picture this: Granada, Spain, September 2019. We walked the long, arduous path up to the historic Alhambra Castle. Shan shrieked with excitement; he was overjoyed, for this was his childhood dream. The architecture was miles beyond our comprehension, but we admired the intricacy of design as our guide explained the cultural and power shifts that lead to such a diverse range of décor. We walked across the grounds listening to the rich history of a previously Arab city taken over by Christians. (for more info visit or email your student w/ questions.)

We have started the Camino. Day one: Took us a few more hours than expected due to illness, poorly packed bags, blisters, chaffing, and incredible American style obesity. Did we make it? Barely. But onward we shall persist. The views are breathtaking and the power of past pilgrims can be felt.

Signing off with much love,
Maya & Tess Esmeralda & Louisa