The Faces of Nkula

Photos and Story by Elle Nicholson

82 days at sea (well it felt like we were at sea). All trapped together on the boat of adventure going over every large or small wave.

These past three months have been nothing less then full of love, laughter, and the occasional hatred of all being crammed up sleeping in the same room. We have crawled around Lake Bunyonyi, drowned in sweat at Ruaha National Safari Park, dropped a bit too much cash on Zanzibar on mouth-watering food, and all scuba-dived to the depths of the Indian Ocean. This past week was student directed travel; we all headed straight for the beach and balled out on great food and the chance to rid ourselves of our two-month t-shirt tans.

To quickly sum it up, here are pictures of every beautiful smile that kept us going, but none of us would be smiling if it were not for our two OEs Matt and Michelle. Their smiles are the ones we will remember forever. Thank you to them and Carpe Diem for this life-changing experience.