The Journey is Underway!

By Cooper, Mariella, and Levy

We made it through the 24-hour traveling expedition and finally made it to SheOak Ridge. Marcus and Claire are the most welcoming hosts providing great camping equipment and delicious cuisine. For our orientation, we got to play some fun games such as kicking the shuttlecock and sitting around the campfire as a way of bonding with a group of people we will be spending a lot of time with for the next three months.

Today, we drove to Port Douglas and are halfway through the assigned scavenger hunt. Our team name is Xtreme Dream Team! Immediately, we met some Australian travelers named Josh and Zalia who introduced us to new fruits we had never heard of such as durian, star apples, etc. Zalia is from Melbourne and they both are friends who worked at a cafe together. We picked up a unique, Papaya hybrid that the local farmer created himself. After we parted with our new friends, we took a picture of these amazing dream catchers that a French woman learned how to make in South America. Then, we went and picked up some macadamia ice cream and called Sarah using one of the payphones… Cooper told his classic toilet paper joke and made her laugh awkwardly. Following, we went to the beach, wrote one killer haiku and had a heart-to-heart chat about our past challenges in life and our love for Hawaii. Finally, we got lost trying to find the Internet cafe but luckily found some of our group mates who pointed us in the right direction and here we are! What will happen next, no one knows, but we are itching to find out!