The time is nigh.

Hey Shiva Team!

We hope everyone has their excited pants on and you all are ready and rearing to go on an incredible adventure! We are so excited to embark on this enlightening journey together with all of you amazing people.

We’ve both spent the past two weeks in Portland, including a camping trip out at McIver campground, surrounded by the love and community of Carpe Diem. We have filled our minds and our souls with discussions, lessons, new skills, laughs, games and a plethora of intentions that we have packed into our bags.

We have been participating in inspiring workshops, sharing ideas, collaborating, team building and preparing for an epic semester for all of us! We are confident and ready to get everyone on board and engaged. We know that taking this step into the world of the unknown is a very courageous thing for each of you, and we are honored to be joining you in the journey.

It is our hope that we’ll all come back from this experience with more open minds, bigger hearts, and souls full of love and gratitude. For these three months ahead will surely grace us with the opportunity to create the stories capable of such magic. The time is near. So savor this remaining time you have with friends and family, and get ready to be challenged in ways that you never have before. For India awaits, with all her beloved mysteries! See you soon, compadres. We can’t wait, and hope you too are feeling the same.

Cheers and Blue Skies,

Matt and Cari