There is a Bug on my Ice Cream

By Sarah, Ethan, and Sophie

Ethan, Sophie, and I (Sarah) are in POPs getting ice cream. Ethan and Sophie practiced their Spanish while ordering. We did a scavenger hunt throughout the city but didn’t get to complete everything because we couldn’t find an internet café that was open. A lot of the stores are closed for Independence Day today. Part of our scavenger hunt was doing a random act of kindness so we bought a homeless man some food and talked to him for a bit. He kept saying thank you and to be safe in our travels. We also took pictures with a police officer and talked to a little boy about what his favorite thing about living in Xela was. He said soccer, and I asked him if there was anything else but he said that was it. On the way back to the hostel we picked up some cactus fruit for the group. So far everything (except our LAX sleepover) has been awesome! We are looking forward to the rest of the trip and all the new things we are about to experience.