“title” : TORTUGA!

Welcome to sunny Costa Rica where we’ve been staying at a turtle conservation project for the last week. Apparently we came in the low season which was a disappointment because we’ve all been looking forward to seeing turtles for the last 11 weeks. 3 of us did actually end up seeing a turtle on the beach the very first night but no more after that. The beach was beyond and the water was super clear. Snorkeling was a common activity of the week and a few of us kept going out to see the tide pools. There was a small island, accessible during low tide, which some of us ended up climbing. At night we would patrol the beaches in search of turtle nests. Let me tell you, there is nothing like walking on a Costa Rican beach in the middle of the night. Incomparable. Towards the end of the week the rain came in. It was only the second rain that year but there, when it rains… it pours. The last night of turtle hunting we got caught in a lightning storm and had to turn around because we could see actual lighting bolts striking the water in front of us. It was spine chilling. After the turtle farm we went to Alajuela and stayed at a nice hotel there for a night. We all went to catch new movies out in English and get some delicious dinner at the mall which was within walking distance. It looked like a shopping center you could find in America, it was super nice. After that we left to get on a plane to Roatan at 3 in the AM where we will learn SCUBA and spend our very last week!