Trekking in Cuba

Day 1
The crew piled into the two vehicles and headed for Santo Domingo! After a long and bumpy ride we arrived, hungry for adventure and maybe a second lunch. We split up into our houses and then met back up to hang out before dinner. There we met our guide Miguel. A man who was friendly and was ready to show us around the mountain. He described the plan for the future trek and how it connected to Castro’s previous move in the area, and how the revolution started here, in the mountains.

Day 2
We hiked Castro’s trail and saw where the revolution started. We also saw Castro’s home and the main camp of the revolutionaries. We ended our hike in an eco friendly town where we watched a beautiful sunset and listened to live music.

Day 3
We hiked up to the next camp and gained a bunch of altitude. (Silent hike) We slept in a bunk house and left early the next morning.

Day 4
We woke early and dominated the hike! After many hours of hiking we reached the highest point in Cuba, Pico Torquino! The view was kind of a let down… We then hiked down to a small camp where we slept on the floor, or in a hammock.

Day 5
We left early and got to swim on the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The waves were huge! We also visited the point where, Granma, the boat carrying the revolutionaries landed.