Trekking to Small Villages in Thailand

By Alejandra Villanueva Navarro

We have arrived back to Chaing Mai after four days of trekking and walking to small villages. Our first day of trekking seemed like an endless walk of going up and down steep hills but arriving at the small welcoming villages made it all worth it. We stayed in a cabin with no electricity and a small mattress to sleep on, but it was all we needed for our short stay.

We also encountered some village elephants where we were able to interact with them by feeding them bananas and bathing them in the river. For me, it was the highlight of the trek.

Our last day of the trek was bamboo rafting through the river. It was definitely a rush navigating our raft through some of the fast currents; it was such an exciting experience that everyone enjoyed, probably not so much Chris since he did fall off the bamboo raft. But everyone made it out safe and alive, now it is time for us to enjoy our last night in Chaing Mai before leaving to our next destination, an agriculture farm.