Two Days Til Takeoff

Hello Sabai Crew and all who will be following and supporting us on this journey!

We are so excited to be writing this introductory blog, less than a week before we will all be meeting up at the airport in Los Angeles to head to the other side of the world. Although the students will be taking on the majority of sharing our experience here, you will be hearing from us periodically too.

So, who are we?!

We are Kate and Lucas, the Carpe Diem’s Overseas Educators who will be helping to navigate the exciting, unfamiliar, and sometimes confusing land that is Southeast Asia. Here in Portland at Carpe Headquarters, we are in intense preparation for all that is to come.

So many things to think about: homestays, temples, tuk-tuks, farming, waterfalls, meditation, and 12 virtual strangers coming together to spend three months traveling and growing in foreign lands.

As we think about all these different experiences we’ll have, and all the different material things to pack in our bags in order to best prepare for those experiences, we are also packing our metaphorical bags, preparing ourselves for the fun, the shock, the challenges and the eye-opening, mind-blowing, and life-changing moments (no expectations…).

The anticipation is just as much a part of a trip as the trip itself, so enjoy those day dreams, those last minute shoelace purchases, and those precious moments with your loved ones.

We can’t wait to share this journey with you, so stay tuned for more to come!

Khaaw hai deern thaang duay khwaam bplaawt phai (I hope you have a safe journey!).