Updates from Cuba

Dear parents, families, and friends of the Cuba group,

Good news! I spoke with Michelle and Kevin this morning and they let me know that all is well. The hurricane passed far enough east of them that they only experienced rain. No high winds, heavy storms, flooding, or damage that they can tell so far in the city. They said if they hadn’t known it was a hurricane, they would have just thought it was normal rain. The group is doing well, they are still all together in one house, but by dinner time tonight they will move back into 3 separate houses to settle in for the rest of their time in Santiago, and start to dive into their originally scheduled activities. Their local contacts and Spanish teachers are coming to their house this afternoon to plan for the rest of the week and assess everyone’s Spanish levels.

The electricity is on, but they don’t have access to wifi yet – the towers have not been put back up. We aren’t sure if that will happen later today or tomorrow, but as soon as it does, Kevin and Michelle will make time for all students to use wifi so they can reach out to all of you directly.

We know it is not easy to have loved ones far away without direct communication in times like this! We so appreciate all of your patience and support over these past few days. Please feel free to continue to reach out with any questions or concerns.