Walkabout Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

Hello family and loved ones! This is Mikhaila and Noah filling you all in on the highlights of our trip so far. Our first 4 days were spent in Raglan taking part in orientation where we really got to know everyone in this walkabout group. On the final full day in Raglan, Dan and Natalie gave us the opportunity and freedom to walk around downtown Ragland and the surrounding area and take part in a scavenger hunt. Collectively however, the entire group just got to explore the food and culture while spending some quality time with each other. One stand out part of the day was when 8 out of the 12 of us grabbed lunch at one of the local shacks that a local had actually recommended to us. It was the cutest little cafe where we got to interact with some of the locals and talk to them about the program we are a part of. The following afternoon was spent making our way from raglan to Rotorua. We had a pitstop in Hamilton where we, as a group, picked up groceries and grabbed lunch with one another. As cliche as it sounds, people say “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” and that definitely proved to be true on our two hour car ride to our new home. It was spent listening to throwback jams of the early 2000’s and playing some car games. Currently, we are having a group breakfast and preparing to go on a 2-hr hike. Love you all, hope you are doing well and look forward to filling you all in on our adventures yet to come. Peace, Love, Ciao!

It’s Nika and Jesse!

Just checking in from library in downtown raglan. we are getting on our way with our scavenger hunt throughout the town. The first few days have been awesome being in a new place. Can’t wait to wrap up orientation and head to the hart farm and also excited to surf tomorrow with the extra money we have saved!

Have a great day,
Nika and Jesse

Having a great time in Raglan, New Zealand. We are currently completing a scavenger hunt around town and getting to know one another. Looking forward to the next leg of our journey. Here is a photo of us (Maddy and Josh)

What a beautiful day! It is day 4 of our carpe diem south pacific tour and we are finally able to spend our first day in the city of ragland. Today, like the three days previous, we started our day with preparing breakfast and spending the morning doing various group bonding activities in order to build a better sense of community. Today’s activity was a blindfolded/trust activity where we were asked to guide each other through a “landmine” and retrieve a flower. Now we are spending the rest of the day doing a scavenger hunt with partners and meting local kiwis. Can’t wait to see what’s next on our adventure through New Zealand!

Talk to you soon!
Sidney and Jay

We are hanging out and exploring Ragland this afternoon. It is super beautiful and just all around a great place to be. The people are incredibly nice and helpful, and there is a whole bunch of stuff to do around the area. Tomorrow we’re going surfing at the beach nearby the hostel that we are staying at, which will be an amazing experience I am sure.

Caleb & Lillie

We are currently in Raglan, which is really lovely. The town is very relaxed and everyone is quite friendly. Some things we has done today is eat the most delicious meat pie- every much would recommend. We are currently doing a scavenger hunt and it is really pushing Kai and I out of our comfort zone because we have to talk to local and people we do not know. We are trying to keep an open mind about this and hoping to get more comfortable with reaching out to other throughout our walkabout time! We are loving the beautifully view from our rad hotel, which is located at a top of a hill overlooking the ocean. We are hoping thought out our time to learn about to be better travelers and really embrace the culture in all the places we go.

Peace and Love,
Kai and Liz (aka the raddest Katz around)