Wallabies, galore!

By Elsa Simonton

Hello Everyone,

This week Walkabout spent a week at Sheoak Nature Reserve. Throughout the week, we helped out around the grounds. Some examples are building a trail to the swimming lagoon, making a small dam to store water in the rainy season, and digging holes for posts for new buildings. The group also learned new information during presentation and workshops. Marcus and Claire, the owners of Sheoak, have a passion for helping rehabilitate wallabies and other wildlife and along with conserving the many ecosystems that are present on their large property. We had the opportunity to sit down with the wallabies and feed them sweet potatoes and we went for a night walk to find nocturnal animals. During this week, we stayed in tents and spent a lot of time talking around the campfire. Thus concluding the last week in Australia. Our next stop is Fiji for a new adventure!