Our Week in Ohana Amani

By Finn Witt

Hi everyone!

Our past week began with a grueling 10-hour bus ride through the foothills of southwest Tanzania. While the scenery and wildlife sightings were spectacular, the cramped conditions and rarely-paved roads made for a less-than-pleasurable day. Arriving in Njombe late that night, we were treated to some well-deserved pizza, the best since leaving in September!

The following day, we left for Ohana Amani, a holistic organic farm and education center just outside of town. We spent our mornings helping out around the farm, including clearing fields and constructing chicken coops. In the afternoons, we would meet together to learn about a broad range of topics: holistic living, farm-to-table food, self-love and empowerment, yoga, communication, responsibility, and self-reflection.

When we were not busy with activities, we were busy eating. Three hearty vegetarian meals were provided every day with no snacking in between—a new and “interesting” experience for many of us. Everything was grown either right outside or provided from the local community, making each meal unbelievably fresh and delicious.

After a number of days on a regular schedule, we were treated to a unique experience. Each of us lead a day of silence and solitude in the surrounding miles of forest and grassy hills. Fasting for the entire day, we carried nothing but our thoughts, taking the quiet time to reflect on ourselves.

We leave here smarter and healthier, having grown as individuals and as a group. I would like to thank everyone from Ohana Amani—Chevy, Curry, Mary, Lucca, Baby Sasha, and our furry friends Luno and Paolo—for this incredible and unique week. We cannot thank you enough for inviting us into your home and sharing your enthusiasm and experiences with us all.

Next stop, Mufundi! Best wishes to everyone back home!