Welcome Sabai students and families!

Sawadee khrap/ka Sabai crew!

Hope these last few weeks have found you happy, healthy and spending quality time with friends and family, before we all head off on an epic adventure to SE Asia! Cari and I have been busy here in Portland prepping for the semester and are very excited to meet you! While engaging in hilarious and stimulating conversations, we have discovered a few fascinating commonalities about ourselves. Without divulging too much, let’s just say we both have had strange monkey encounters, hung out in cages while great white sharks sauntered by, plunged to our deaths (not really because we are still alive) on a bungee cord off the highest bridge jump in South Africa and expanded our love for travel and cross cultural connections serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras and Rwanda.

As we pack up our own bags and prepare for travel, we thought it would be handy to share some of our own personal packing tips. First of all less is more, unless we are talking about the copious amounts of laughter that will be had. Secondly, believe it or not, shampoo makes your skin shine as much as your hair (aka excellent body wash!!). Thirdly, zip lock bags are your friend and they have multiple uses. Last but not least, don’t be hangry- snacks, snacks, snacks!

We can’t wait to explore all of our similarities and differences as a community challenging our comfort zones and supporting one another as we move through the semester!

Looking forward to meeting you all in LA in a few short days!

Brian & Cari