All Is Well in Wellington

DSC00038Hey everyone, we've decided to express everything we've done so far through song.

(the first verse of Party in the USA)

we hopped on a plane from LAX

with strangers we haven't met

said goodbye to all of our loved ones

we'll see you in the end.

jumped in our seats, soared over the pacific

looked at the date, February 12th is missing

this is all so crazy

we're in the void together!

(We're all in this Together High School Musical Chorus)

we're all in this together

we agreed

on a past to live by

include errybody!

we're all in this together

on v-day we feasted

Amy came

Our group is completed!

(Don't Stop Believin' 1:21 in)

scavenger hunts

up and down the boulevards

of Wellington, hiking Mt. Vic Summit

orientation is over

have a sense of who we are

BMAC here we come for a week!

– Jason and Madeleine