What the Hoodoo?!

Yah T’eh Friends, Family, and Loved Ones!

On October 20th we embarked on our hike into Canyon del Muerto (one portion of Canyon de Chelly) near Chinle, Navajo. We went with a wonderful and informative guide named Colleen, who recounted history, personal stories, and various information about plants, animals, traditions, and more. As we walked along, we were amazed at the fresh beauty of the canyon as the cottonwood leaves glowed in the sunlight, golden in their fall transformation. The canyon walls were astonishing at up to 1000 feet above us. The rain stains made perfect dark lines down the canyon walls. We also saw many petroglyphs of ancient Puebloans as well as their ancient cliff dwellings. It’s truly amazing to see these dwellings, made of stone bricks, high in the canyon walls and imaging the lives of those who once lived there. As night fell, we set up camp in the canyon, hearing the cow moos echo like “OMs” throughout the canyon. We laughed and told stories around the campfire, hearing joyous laughter erupt off of the canyon walls. Waking up the next morning, we packed up and hiked for a half day out of Canyon del Muerto.

The next leg of our journey was Ganado, where we stayed at Sage Memorial Hospital. We stayed in the dorms on the hospital campus and were able to meet and spend time with some friends there. While there, we helped build ramps for two elders in the area with the help of our friend Scott. We also did some beautiful hikes through the area, enjoying the sun and the distant mesas and had a chance to see the famous (or infamous depending upon who you’re talking to) Hubbel’s Trading Post. One night we even got a nighttime visit from our friends from Kykotsmovi, Hopi, Danielle and her girls Faith and Trinity. That was such a blessing and a truly fun evening.

October 24th Amanda, the director of our program, arrived in Ganado!!! She was with us for a few days, helping out at various work sites and spending time with us, chatting and having fun…WE MISS YOU AMANDA! All our love!! <3

While staying in Ganadao, we also spent a few days in Cornfields chopping wood for some elders with our friend Bob. It is important for people to have fire wood as the winter months come in order to heat their homes with the wood stove. We had a great time chopping the wood for the elders in Cornfields!