Wildcrazyinsane Adventures & Permaculture

Written by Tucker

Hello everyone,

We spent a week on this incredible farm near McLeod and surrounded by beautiful rice fields and towering mountains. The Dev Bala family was so down to earth. The land here was so vast and the family culture was wonderful! Learning how to hoe a field and then plant and harvest food is wild. We went swimming in a river at this hot springs near the farm like an hour away. We all are excited to tell you about our extraordinary experiences and stories.

Next we headed to Amritsar, a city in the Punjabi state. It’s plentiful with people, taxis, Rickshaws, people on bikes carrying other people on their bikes, the rich smells of amazing foods and some nasty smells too, of course. There are shops, good street food and the best soft serve ice cream!! The people of this city are very kind, but you gotta look out for your personal items. The city’s religious beliefs are very prevalent here. Sikhism is a new religion and they believe in a god and are not based out of one country, though Amritsar is the world-center of Sikhism. Men wear turbans and women cover their heads with a turban or cloth. The Golden Temple, Amritsar, is the most holy pilgrimage spot in Sikhism.

Also this is a different way of blogging for this week because I’m working on a video project for my photojournalism class/ project.

A view from Dev Bala farm. This is a rice harvesting farm that we got to look over. Our view was the rice field and amazing sunset.

This Doggo is named Zorro. He is very loving and in all of the photos. He was way to happy with everyone around him and we all miss him.

This is the main part of the Dev Bala Farm. The house was cool because on the right side was the kitchen and then upstairs was a big bedroom and then on the left side was three bedrooms.

Hoeing the fields at Dev Bala farm. We got to learn how to harvest and farms ginger, garlic, yams and radish. We all laughed and chuckled.

“After a long day of working on the farm” just kidding!
This was a funny photo because Isabel is pretending to eat a worm and it was a good thing that it didn’t drop into her mouth.

“Best day ever!”
Lexi is throwing peels of garlic in the sky after a long day of amazing work on the farm.

Touring the rice farms owned by the family. We got to walk on the rice farms and we got to learn about different and cool things about the fields.

“Best leaders ever”
This is the pool photo of Doug showing his reflection on the ground is like a mirror.

Doggo and Sarah. This is Zorro, the happiest dog ever!! I really like this photo just because they both look very happy.

Doggo and Avery. Zorro is yawning and the best smiles ever.

Tucker Joseph Peterson
Sending over the ricefields and enjoy the quiet. I miss the Dev Bala farm!!

Small Doggo and Isabel. Isabel and Tosha at the Dev Bala farm.

Best photo and leaving for new adventures
This was one of the best weeks of the trip. We have been working hard on harvesting on the farm. Now we’re off for new adventures.

Border of Pakistan and India 🇮🇳 We learned about the Partition of India.

Amritsar (Golden Temple), we spent two nights exploring the city!! The Golden Temple was a huge complex and extremely amazing!! Can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing stories and the history of the Golden Temple.