We made it to Zanzibar—finally! After another high-class night at EconoLodge (The Waldorf of Dar Es Salam), we moved in with our last home-stay families. Interesting internships arose, including a world-famous screen printing opportunity with a Rasta God named Omi. Incredible Zanzibar painting at the Old Fort, wood carving which proved too challenging for the students, one of the higher quality internships was pillow making at the Zanzibar women’s cooperative and last, as well as least, a local spa who didn’t seem to understand what it meant to have interns.

Beyond these internships we had our first taste of Zanzibar; food and culture combined. Living off our house mama’s world famous Ugali (a local food—ask your kids to make it for you at home) recipes in Mufindi, we were happy to have some of the incredible spices, which we learned more about in the spice tour. It was then time to meet Dave, who seemed to put an end to our plans for SCUBA diving. But some helpful doctors and parents at home came in clutch and got everyone into the deep.