Camping at Ohana Amani

By Deborah and Brad


We spent our last week camping at Ohana Amani, a holistic living education center outside of Njombe town, in Southwest Tanzania. At the center, we learned all about holistic styles of living, farm-to-table foods, how to maintain a garden, self-love, reflection, and other general life skills like cooking, yoga, and fire making! We worked with some locals to help clear a fire break for their property and worked hard to clear weeds from the farm. After several days of self-reflection, learning, and group bonding, we were sent on a journey into the wilderness on our own. Each of us took a day of silence and explored the surrounding bush on our own to sit and reflect for the entire day. It was a challenge that pushed us out of our comfort zone and helped us reflect on our own. After a great week, we are headed out to a safari for more adventure, but not before a delicious pie made with love by Ellen!