Blog from Riley S. Photos from Kelsi & Chris

Greetings from Zanzibar, friends. We have recently spent the last week exploring paradise! After an hour and half voyage on a crowded ferry, we finally made it to Stone Town. There we found ourselves greeted by our guide. He showed us to our home stay. We spent six days staying with Muslim families in the heart of Stone Town. Each day we would explore a different place in town. Some of us worked in a workshop and learned how to make and carve things out of wood. The rest of us did workshops in a spa, and learned how to make various scrubs and miscellaneous remedies.

Each of our families had unique things they did. Mine and George’s family made homemade ice cream. Nanci, Moreh and Nina’s family owns their own little convenient store. Kevin and Jack’s family seem to have their own little bed and breakfast. Overall we all had a great experience and got a good taste of Muslim life. Islam is truly beautiful. We learned a lot about the similarities and differences between Islam & Christianity. Stone town is a cute tourist town – it’s still a great place!

Now we are posted up at a beach hotel on the eastern side of the island, right on the Indian Ocean! We have spent the past few days learning to scuba dive! Some of us are snorkeling as well. We’ve seen a ton of fish as well as turtles, eels, and even dolphins. We are having the nautical experience that dreams are made of! Sad that this amazing trip is coming to an end ☹️